Saturday, July 12, 2014

Nijhum Dwip

Location: Hatia, Noakhali,

Nijhum Dwip (Bengali: নিঝুম দ্বীপ; English: Silent Island) is a small island under Hatiya upazila. It is situated in Noakhali District in Bangladesh. Once it was called "Char Osman"

Occupying area: 14050 acres.
Latitude: 21° 35′ 0″ N
Longitude: 92° 1′ 0″

During winter, thousands of migratory birds flock in to island. The fishermen use the airy and sunny land as an ideal place for drying their catches from the sea. Sometimes many of them also construct straw huts on the island as seasonal residences.

Nijhum Dwip presently has six big bazaars with mainly the grocery shops, small restaurants and drug stores. These bazaars are the only places in the islands to have electricity from generators. The forest department of the government of Bangladesh created mangrove forests in Nijhum Dwip and the main attraction in these forests is the herd of about 5000 +/- spotted dear. Tthe government of Bangladesh declared Nijhum Dwip forests as National Park.

How to go:
From Dhaka (Sadarghat)  to Hatia by Steamer, (MV Farhan, MV Tipu) From Hatia (Tomuruddin to Nijhum Dwip by rented engine boat.

Where to stay:

Hotel Abakash.
(Room rent 500-1500 Tk), 
Dormitory of 5 beds (Cost 2000 tk)

What to eat (food):

There are available restaurants or you can hire a chef from Hotel Abakash, he’ll take extra 200-300 tk for cooking. B-B-Q facilities is available at Hotel Abakash, they have a big BBQ Burner.