Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Saint Martin's Island

Location: Cox's Bazar,

Latitude: 20° 37′ 38.12″ N,
Longitude: 92° 19′ 21.28″ E

St. Martin's Island is a small island in the northeastern part of the Bay of Bengal, about 9 km south of the tip of the Cox's Bazar-Teknaf peninsula, and forming the southernmost part of Bangladesh. It is about 8 km west of the northwest coast of Myanmar, at the mouth of the Naf River. The local name of the island is "Narical Gingira", also spelled "Narikel Jinjira/Jinjera", means 'Coconut Island' in Bengali. It is the only coral island in Bangladesh.

Most of the island's 5500 inhabitants live primarily from fishing. Besides, the other staple crops are rice and coconut. Being very common in the island, Algae is collected, then dried and finally exported to Myanmar. Between October and April, the fishermen from neighbouring areas bring their caught fishes to the island's temporary wholesale market. As the centre and the south are mainly farmland and makeshift huts, most of the strenuous things are around the far north of the island.

From teknaf : A ferry is supposed to leave the island at l0am, but get there at 9am and be prepared to wait until 11 am. Keari Sindbad runs an efficient service between St Martin's and Teknaf (October to March). Its boats leave Teknaf at 9.30am and St Martin's at 3.30pm.
(1 st class returns Tk 350 ; 2 nd class returns Tk 300)

From Cox's Bazar : The Green Abakash (0341-647445) arranges boats from Cox's Bazar for its large numbers of guests. You could try to hitch a ride through it.
Service ProviderDepartureDestinationContact
Shohag ParibahanDhakaCox's Bazar02 - 9334152, 8316766
Green LineDhakaCox's Bazar02 - 9339623, 9342580
Service ProviderDepartureDestinationContact
Bangladesh RailwayDhakaChittagong02-9358634, 8315857

Service ProviderDepartureDestinationContact
Biman BangladeshDhakaCox's Bazar02 - 8917400-19 (HO)
GMG AirlinesDhakaCox's Bazar02 - 8825845-9
United AirwaysDhakaCox's Bazar02 - 8963191 (Air. Office)
Air ParabatDhakaCox's Bazar02 - 9567056