Sunday, January 11, 2009

Buriganga River

Shadarghat, Burigonga River.

Buriganga River.
Location: Shadarghat, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The Buriganga River (Bengali: বুড়িগঙ্গা Buŗigônga "Old Ganges") is the main river flowing beside Dhaka city, capital of Bangladesh. The average depth is 25 feet (7.6 m) and maximum depth is 58 feet (18 m).

The Buriganga is economically very important to Dhaka. Launches and Country Boats provide connection to the other parts of Bangladesh, a largely riverine country. When the Mughals made Dhaka their capital, in 1610, the banks of the Buriganga were already a prime location for trade. The river was also the city's main source of drinking water.

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